One of my favorite show is Masterchef US. I would watch it at 8PM, after the show I had this craving to eat. I would end up ordering delivery or make myself a pack of instant noodle (with rice of course).

It took a lot of willpower to resent eating at 9PM because physically I felt very hungry, sometimes I can hear my stomach growling.

One day we decided to change our Internet Provider and the new one does not come with a TV cable so I end up not watching Masterchef US anymore. I rarely eat at 9PM ever since.

Watching Masterchef = The Cue, Eating at 9PM = Routine

Working from Home definitely has it benefits we can conserve so much energy from commuting and yet we have seen many unproductive habits occurred. There are many stories of employee that could not work for 8 hours anymore due to the distraction/cue/trigger that they have.

I myself is one of the victim of this. I intent to have a straight 8 hour work and yet I could not muster enough WILLPOWER to do so. 

I like fixing things at home it brings joy to me and most of my tools are in my working room. The idea is that I can find tools that I need right in front of me. What I did not realize it creates all sorts of bad habits that I don’t need.

I could be in the middle of creating a proposal and I glance up where my tools resides, I would see my drill – hmmm… I have not drill a hole to put my photo frame, when I see my screwdriver hmmm… there is that old DVD that I have not fixed yet and the list goes on. Next thing I know I would be carrying my tools around and left my proposals to be done later.

I could literally work 2 hour a day and the rest of the time spent fixing my window, my curtain, or re-arranging my cabinet.

It took so much WILLPOWER to stay working and by the time I could really sit on my desk I am so exhausted.

Looking at my tools = Cue, Fixing things = Routine

So now instead of fighting it with my WILLPOWER , I would just put all my tools out of sight.

Out of sight out of mind.

I can finally work in peace.

To know more about habits I would recommend the book of James Clear the Atomic Habits and the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

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