When is the time to quit?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have decided not to pursue a client further and later found out that the client bought an inferior product?  

Did it ever occurred to you what is the reason that happened? 

In the Napoleon Hill book “Think and Grow Rich” he mentioned about the story of 3 feet from gold, where it talks about a person who quit from gold digging after drilling deep and yet he got nothing. What he did not know was that he quit too soon. 3 feet underneath the spot where he stop, there was a pile of gold waiting to be harnessed.  It was later discovered by another person who bought his land, when he heard about the news he regret about it.  

What is interesting is that he did NOT ruminate his regret and said if only I did this or did that, if only I took more time…. 

He shook it off instead and decided to use the 3 feet from gold story to push him further. He applied it on his new business as an insurance salesman. Whenever he received a rejection he would say to himself – “I stop three feet from gold, but I will never stop because men say “no” when I ask them to buy insurance”.  

True enough he has become one of the most successful insurance salesman.

No doubt it still stings to receive rejection after many meetings and convincing many of the clients stakeholders but I can definitely relate a much more painful experience if a client bought an inferior product because they did not know my product well enough.

Rejection is part of sales process, when we commit to offer a product we will get some rejections.

The key is to learn from the rejection and push for another 3 feet.

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