It was started about 2 years ago when I was offered to take a Core Strengths workshop, at the time I only know that this workshop is going to improve my working relationship. Since I have many crash and burn relationship in corporate life (apology to some of my bosses, well maybe one boss in particular), it makes me curious on how to build better relationship and so I took the workshop.

The workshop is uniquely designed where all of the participants would take a 20-30 minutes doing online questionnaire prior the workshop day.  The report which reveal about our motivation, conflict and strengths will be provided during the class.

One of my development areas at the time was to practice being reserved. It has been a force of habit for me to say what I feel and think.  It feels really awkward to me to practice being reserved.  When I see something is wrong (which I have to admit wrong on who’s point of view or on what ground?). Not being reserved of course coming from the behavior that I have inherited for more than a decade working in corporate life.  Now as a facilitator it is important for me to be reserved.  It was hard for me to be able to practice this until I find my reasons and everyone of us has our own reason depending on whether you are motivated towards people, performance or process. Surprise, surprise the Core Strengths report has the ability to link our motivation and our strengths.

What is the difference presentation class before and after taking Core Strengths Workshop?

Before taking Core Strengths class, when I facilitate a Presentation Skill class, I tend to help the participants by providing them all the necessary tools from setting the projector, providing post-it, markers etc. Sometimes I would interrupt if it is not following the procedure.

After taking Core Strengths class, when I facilitate a Presentation Skill class,  I would let the participants prepare themselves , I reserved myself so much (sometimes it hurts me to not be able to help but I know this is for their own good because they will present on their own someday).  I would not interrupt when they are not following the procedure because only the person on stage will learn. I would now debrief after the participant is done with his presentation, that way the whole class will get the learning.

Not only that I achieve my objectives of having participants to be able to provide impactful presentation, my feedback evaluation scores and testimonial increase as well.  Not realizing it at the time by being reserved at the right moment has increase my relationship quality with the participants as well.

Reserved is just one of 28 Strengths that is being define in Core Strengths Report.  Imagine when we use all 28 strengths at the right time, at the right place with the right person, what kind of relationship we can build in our working life.

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