Productivity – Cellphone

Is technology such a cellphone increase our productivity or it’s actually causing more problems to our productivity?

Constant distraction, constantly being alert, urgent and important stuff got mixed, afraid of missing some information, so many whatsapp group that keep firing notification, missing important whatsapp to reply because of having too many chat open. These are some of the normal comments from cellphone user. Is there a way to handle this?

The good thing is that cellphone software is now aware of this and start giving us many options to limit the distractions. Some of the comments I receive in my productivity workshop (Android version 9 solution -Settings that has “Digital Wellbeing” options )

  1. I can’t sleep at night. Go to Settings – Change to Flight Mode and go to sleep, that way the alarm clock would still be active. Unless you are at night shift sleep is one of the most important things to keep us productive so rest like a king!
  2. I have too many whatsapp group even if I mute the notification still pops up what to do? Go to settings – Digital Wellbeing – Press on Notification – set the group notification not to show on the screen.

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