Like I said

It is quite aggravating when we have to repeat what we have said before. A typical sounds of deep sigh and follow by the word “Like I said before….” Looking from the perspective of the person who repeats their sentence it is a defense mechanism to protect oneself from being blame for not explaining thoroughly.

But what if the person who ask us is genuinely do not understand the explanation the first time? Isn’t hard enough for the person who try to understand the problem and we keep repeating the word “Like I said before….” same thing “Like I said before…” (20X during the conversation)

Imagine if we are the receiving end of this sentence. How much effort do we need to balance the tension between trying to understand the situation and our internal voice that judge whether we are capable enough to work on this or not.

Am sure there will be times when this sentence can be used productively. To me this sentence “Like I said….” doesn’t seem to had much value to a conversation.

When we communicate we would like the other person to get the message it is problematic enough that each of us having our own unique filters. Why not ease it with crossing out sentence that may add little or no value to conversation.

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