I storm out from an express courier with my document still with me. All I can say to the dispatcher was “Thank you, I decided not to send my document” with a slight annoyed feelings.  

What could have happened?

Back tracked a bit….

I saw an express courier that is closer to my place and I thought of trying it.  It could safe me 1 min drive.  When I came in I felt a bad vibe but I just persevere and said to myself “It just your flight mode when entering a new place that is just your habit kicks in””.

I gave the document to the guy

1. The guy asked me – “This is the sender address ya?”  I said yes.  20 seconds has passed he asked me again “This is the sender address ya?””  (As if I wasn’t answering it the first time) , I said yes again.

2. I noticed he hit backspace 3 times when he is typing my name, I can’t help to look at his monitor – true enough he misspelled my last name.  Another 20 seconds has passed.

3. He was now typing in my cellphone number. He mistype again and I help repeat the number along with couple of backspaces from him.  By this time I am already worried that my document will never arrive.  But I held my ground trying to give the guy another chance.  20 seconds additional time

4. He moved to the receiver part, another misspelled on the receiver name and mistyped on the cellphone number.

I took back my document and go to my regular express courier within 1 minute the whole process is done.

I couldn’t help wonder what happened?  As a dispatcher in an express courier, speed and accuracy is a fundamental thing.

1.  Be present – he asked me the same thing twice as if he had something else in mind.  

2.  Sit straight – when he sit like he doesn’t have a backbone it gives a different vibe to the customer, it also decreases his typing speed tremendously.

3.  Typing skills – I could never thank enough to my junior high school teacher who taught me 10 fingers typing, aside from the happy experience of my pinky got jammed in the typewriter.  It gives me the fundamental to type with speed and higher accuracy.

4.  Practice – like any other system we need to have demo and production mode.  Each day dedicate ourselves to create 5-10 dispatch in the demo environment.  That way we are warmed up for real thing.  

I couldn’t help myself to relate the experience with my working from home experience.

Our team member is not 2 meters apart from us where we can ask on every little things. It reminds us to get our FUNDAMENTALS in shape again.  Starting from maneuvering seamlessly in all the system that we are using.

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