His ability to interact with people is naturally remarkable. He has a smiling face and easy-but-meaningful way of communicating that keeps his colleagues and friends warm while they connect which I believe those are particularly shaped by core strengths. Therefore, I am very confident that his training materials are essential to whoever willing to have better people engagement with family, colleagues, vendors and clients.

Hary Haryanto – BDP Indonesia Country Manager

PT. sango ceramics indonesia semarang

“I find the training is very useful for my daily work since I work 

with many department production, QC, Lab, Planning, Marketing, 

etc.” – Ario

“Never too old to learn.” – Robert Walker

“This is a very good training and useful for work.” – Edita

“Selama training, pembawaan materi tidak membosankan dan 

materi to the point.” – Robbin Supranoto

“Bagus, mendidik dan mengarahkan kita yang diajaki untuk lebih mengerti dan baik.” – Anton Nugroho

Trainer yang baik, menyampaikan materi dengan tidak 

membosankan.” – Lenny

koperasi maju -productivity gain


schaeffler indonesia – customer service fundamental

Very good training – Denok
Anyone should have customer service training because customer service is an attitude everyone should have – Amelia
Very attractive speaker on delivering the training content – Roza
Very useful and applicable, not only for customer service but also for other dept! – Sifera
Pak Wicky is very communicative trainers, put attention to all participant and we enjoy the learning process with him

tzu chi early childhood – team building


“Try to explain the materials/presentation in a simpler way, Trainer is Funny” – Cecilia Fernando

“The trainer can explain in fun way”- Linda

“Easy to understand and Funny” – Silviani

“The trainer explain the materials in simple and fun way, Thank you! :)”- Aris Marisyani

“Mr. Wicky is a great trainer & facilitator. He is able to deliver material well” Ivan LK


“Grateful to learn how to deliver our feelings better without suppressing them in. Much help! Thank you Mr. Wicky!” – Laura Mulya
“Your presentation is good and easy to understand” – Syamti
“Well delivered” – Evie
“Thank you for sharing your experience” – Jessica

forecastle indonesia – LEADERS IN THE MAKING

This training have changed us to be positive thinking – Aldilla

Thank you for your time to share your experience with us – Yenni Chandra

It open your horizon and way of thinking – Andrew Las Marias

“Happy can be a part of attendance leaders in the making …. 

Manage us and motivate us to be better person, knowing your value and teach us how to be a good leader to superior and subordinate – Tara Stephanie”

indonesia mengajar – productivity gain program mini
rentokil – results through relationships 

RIZA ALUMNY – Saling mengenal akan sangat penting dalam bisnis jasa. Dengan workshop yang telah diselenggarakan maka saya lebih mengenal rekan / teman saya, itu akan membawa keberhasilan dalam bekerjasama.

Asti – the discussion with the help of the poster, help me to understand the potential opposition/conflict that might/already happen.

vicky zulfikar – training corestrengths made me know the strengths of my portrait that I had not used so far