Feeling is a funny thing

Couple of days ago before going to bed, my son was imagining that we are on the boat and he starts screaming “man over board” (which happened to be me in this case).  So I add some thrill to the story with some sharks coming in and I scream “Help, help!” .  My son stunt for a moment and ask “And then what happen , Dad?”  I said jokingly “I am eaten by the sharks and only bone left”.  Not to my expectations I thought it was a funny thing he starts crying profusely.  

I thought to myself “Strange what happen?  I thought it supposed to be funny?”

Yesterday we had another imaginary game this time competing who’s sleeping first.  So I said “Daddy won , daddy slept already”.  My son think of something else instead of thinking how to beat me who sleeps first, he wanted to beat the duration of the sleep, and so he said “I will sleep and never wake up again”.  I am stunt for a moment and ask him “Then who will play with Daddy if you don’t wake up?”  Tears start to melt over my eyes even though I look the other way but he can feel it.  

I guess he might say “Strange what happen?  I thought it supposed to be funny?”

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