What do we need to find in a job?

A week ago I bumped into couple of my ex-colleague, they are my junior back when I was still working in corporate life.  They were discussing about how other company can do this and that. Soon, the comparison was made.  It is indeed quite a complex things to do and one can get lost easily in the comparison game.


It reminded me of similar discussion I had with one of my boss years ago.  He told me there are three things that you need to look out in a job.  I abruptly interrupt him “Money! Isn’t it?”.  My boss laughed and said “One of them but hear me out first”.


There are three things you must look out for:

  1. Knowledge – Did you gain more skills and knowledge in your current job?
  2. Exposure – Did you get to know more people especially those who will help you achieve your long term goal? Are you making more friends in the job that you take?  
  3. Compensation – Does that the compensation equal to the time and effort that you give? Do you contribute the value that the company needs?  Are you checking your market rate? This is highly relatives and most of the time can be achieved if point 1 and 2 above has been fulfilled.

I raised my eyebrows when he said about the point 3.  “What do you mean?”


My boss started to explain. Imagine that you have two cellphone one is Iphone and the other is Samsung which one do you think is more expensive?  

“If it is the same feature I would say Iphone.” I said.  “Exactly”, said my boss.  If you have the same features between Samsung and Iphone, Iphone would still be more expensive that is because of the brand.  Brand is similar to your exposure, your exposure is your personal brand.  The more people that you know, the more people that you have helped,  it increases your personal value.


“I see but what about high exposure but the feature is less?”. That is why when we are finding a new job you need to find whether the job is giving you additional knowledge.  We have seen many jobs that use to exist and is now obsolete.  Highway ticket guy, you will not get any further knowledge from passing the ticket and giving a change, this has been replaced by e-payment.  

Once it is changed by robot the compensation drops significantly.


That is why it is important to keep learning new knowledge, new skills to face the needs of the future and at the same time get the right exposure – friends to collaborate with.


That story still with me until today, and it stops me from thinking of compensation first before knowledge and exposure.


Hope this story will help and guide you to find the job that you want.