I never knew the reason one of my neighbor decided to sell his house. She has been there for many years. A couple of years later I met her, she finally revealed the reason why she sold her house is because her son was demanding half of the house. It was a painful conflict to her, she thought that his son, wife and grandson can stay in the same house so she can help them. It turned out that there are so many differences between how she and the daughter’s in law way of treating the newborn baby (It reminds me of a drama movie…)

Having prolong conflict and no resolution. The son decided to push through with a solution that hurt the mom until today, which is to ask to sell the house and split the money so he can stay away from the mom and dad. What a tragic story. The son hasn’t been performing well in the office ever since.

What I see is a classic fights that could happened to anyone because of different motives and behavior. Not to mention the inability to understand how to deal with it productively. (We don’t really get a conflict class at school either…)

Imagine this happens to your company, where one director decided to create a different Business Unit (or worst make a different company to compete with us) because he can’t stand someone’s opinion, behavior, motives, intention in the company..

How do we avoid such gruesome conflict?

One of the best way is to know each other motives and strengths. Understand different people communication style and many more. How do we do approach it then? Best and fastest way would be using a psychometric tool. Find psychometric tools that describe your motivation and strengths and how you would handle conflicts.

Would you leave your organization relationship to chance? I don’t.

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