Cluttered Space Cluttered Mind

One of the time zapping challenge that we have is to keep our working environment tidy and neat. There is always this balance between keeping it neat or doing the actual work. Is it actually two things that can’t be present at the same time? I think not. Most famous painter/artist have their own system you can’t expect that an artist keep opening up new tube of oil paint, they will have their ways of keep all the brush neat and ready for usage after each of the painting session. So I would argue that being neat and doing work can be at the same time. Another example would be watching how Gordon Ramsey do his stuff flawless yet he maintains his station clean at all times.

I agree there are times when we need to catch up deadlines and cutting corners then you would need to do the whole tidy up after the Tsunami. Would we do it or we procrastinate? The effect to our mind is actually more than what we think. We could not focus thoroughly as we know there are still backlogs of stuff to tidy up. Deep thinking becomes a challenge.
So what should we do then? One trick a friend of mine is that invite someone to your desk or to your apartment or your house, basically where the tidy up need to be done.

I bet when she/he comes to your place you would do anything to make the place look presentable.

Why wait invite me then? or perhaps Marie Kondo 

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