Beko and My Team Member

Not long ago, before my maid went home for holiday, we decided to buy a washing machine. We are looking for something sturdy and able to withstand long abuse as we have lots of laundry to do with so many people in the family, in short we needs something “tough”. So, the journey began to the electronic stores finding our new helper, we found new brand called “Beko” a unique name but not familiar to us. We met the sales promotion and she explained that this brand is new in Indonesia but not to worry this brand is famous in Europe, I am convinced because I saw picture of Messi endorsing this product (not sure which part of Messi can convince me that he knows his washing machine well).

And so we install our Beko at home. In the first couple of rounds of washing there are so many problems occurred from the water leakage all over the floor, the machine doesn’t seem to stop, the laundry was still wet, there is still a lot of detergent on the clothes, the machine was vibrating from left to right.

Offhand, I was about to blame the machine and make a complaint, but then I stop. I said to myself hang on if this washing machine is so famous in Europe, which mean it has passed all the rigid EU standard, it can’t be that their first batch of production be this bad. So, I start looking into all the environment that support the washing machine.

Water leakage all over the floor – I start looking at the drainage pipe and it was not secured well, I put a brick on top of the pipe the water did not splash out anymore.

The machine doesn’t seem to stop – It happens that I am using the wrong setup for the amount of clothes that I am using, there is a setup for quick wash which ends much faster. (My bad habits of not reading the manual first).

The laundry was still wet – there is an extra rinse option available and with increase spinning from 400 to 600.

Still a lot of detergent on the clothes – the amount of detergent input was too much for the amount of clothes washed.

The machine was vibrating from left to right – this round was because the clothes is more than the capacity of the machine.

Let’s look at this Beko through Corporate perspective

  1. Water leakage all over the floor – Sometimes our team member can make a mess and it seems like output coming from our team member try look at it deeper and see if there is something outside his control.
  2. The machine doesn’t seem to stop – Are we sure that we are giving the right instruction for the right task? Do we know our team member well through their personality test, cognitive ability and regular conversation?
  3. The laundry was still wet – Do we give them enough time to process the task? Or do we rushing them causing our team member to do things recklessly?
  4. Still a lot of detergent – Are we giving too much feedback, supervision or coaching? Micromanaging perhaps?
  5. The machine was vibrating left right and center – Are we giving too much task for one full time employee to do?

It is much easier for me to say that my team member is not cut out for the job, but then I may have missed the opportunity to see the best version of them. 

Every time I have a new member, the thought of my washing machine lingers in my head.

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